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About Phoenix ICD

The group is run by ICD patients and family members who give their time freely. Their aim is to provide comfort and peace of mind to all in need, including themselves.

Our local Cardiac Nurse,Paula Emery is a member of the committee, providing essential medical advice and support when needed.

The main focus of the group is to provide support, help and advice on all matters that concern you and your ICD.

We all know that the physical aspects of having an ICD heal quite quickly and the body soon adapts. Equally we know the mental and psychological issues take much longer to come to terms with.

Whatever your concern it is likely that you are not on your own. It is also likely that someone within the group has the same concern or has found how to deal with it.

We recognise that the success of the group is its ability to provide its members with the information and comfort that we all need. For that reason we welcome your questions and input. Whether it is for your own personal reasons or the fact that you wish to help us improve our means of awareness and /or fundraising.

Your say and your ideas are very important to the group.

In short, we want your feedback